We are a happy school at the heart of our community. Our children love to learn. They make excellent progress and attainment is well above national average and has been for a number of years. Teaching is creative and lively and a robust programme of continued professional development ensures that staff are always developing professionally. Leadership at all levels is ambitious and focused on continual improvement.  Children have a real thirst for knowledge and want to learn.  We understand that children’s well-being and excellent physical and mental health is essential if they are going to succeed academically.

At Hill West we understand that safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is everyone’s responsibility.  Everyone who comes into contact with children and their families and carers has a role to play in safeguarding children.  In order to fulfil this responsibility effectively, all professionals in school make sure their approach is child-centred.  This means that they consider, at all times, what is in the best interests of the child.  Staff working with children are advised to maintain an attitude of ‘it could happen here’.  The designated safeguarding lead at Hill West is the Head Teacher, Dr Clarke.  There are a number of deputy safeguarding leads and these include all Deputy Head Teachers and Assistant Head Teachers.

Our aim is to develop Hill West Primary School as a school where:

Leadership and Management

Leadership and management is aspirational so that every child achieves success in all aspects of learning and life.

Teaching and Learning

Teaching establishes a culture of high expectations whilst inspiring a love of life-long learning and academic success.

Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

Children are happy, safe and secure. They enjoy learning and their behaviour is exemplary. They make a difference in their local and wider community.

Pupil Outcomes

With the school and parents working in partnership all children are inspired to be ambitious, hard-working and achieve their best. They are well prepared for the transition to the next phase of their education.

We are a Unicef UK Rights Respecting School – Gold!

Unicef is the world’s leading organisation working for children and young people and their rights. 

In 1989, governments worldwide promised all children the same rights by adopting the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Convention recognised that all children have the right to be treated with dignity and fairness, to be protected, to develop to their full potential and to participate. The rights in the Convention describe what a child needs to survive, grow, and live up to their potential in the world. They apply equally to every child, no matter who they are or where they come from.  The Convention changed the way children are viewed and treated – in other words, as human beings with a distinct set of rights instead of as passive objects of care and charity. It is the most widely ratified human rights treaty – only the United States has not ratified it. The UK signed up to the convention in 1991.

Our pupils will learn about their rights by putting them into practice every day. A Rights Respecting School models rights and respect in all its relationships.

For further information about Rights Respecting Schools please visit:  www.unicef.org.uk/rrsa