Catch Up Funding

School Overview

 School nameHill West Primary School
Pupils in school432
Proportion of disadvantaged pupils19%
Catch-up mentor allocation this academic year. ATLP pooled Trust school’s funding to ensure equality in provision for all children1 Part time catch-up mentor. Qualified and experienced Year 6 teacher.
Academic year or years covered by statement2020-2021
Publish date7th July 2021
Review dateEnd of the academic year
Statement authorised byBeth Clarke
Catch-up Mentor LeadJaimey Thomas

Hill West Strategy aims for catch-up mentor

Priority 1To provide focused teaching for children in Year 6 to improve attainment and close gaps quickly.
Priority 2Accelerating rates of progress in Reading across school so all children reach the Met or GD standard before leaving primary.  
Priority 3Supporting children’s mental health and wellbeing so they can access learning and make rapid and sustained progress.
Barriers to learning these priorities addressesLost learning due to COVID-19 (through lock downs and periods of isolation)Overall decline in mental health and wellbeing as a consequence of the above.

Teaching priorities

AreaChallengeMitigating action
To ensure all children reach the MET / GD standard as quickly as possible against their Year Group Curriculum following COVID19 absenceEnsuring our remote and blending learning is highly effective at prioritising subjects and accelerating progress in reading, writing and maths in the first instanceBlended and remote learning rationale developed and evaluated for impact. Focused curriculum coverage on return to school specifically, English, Maths, Science, Personal Development and Well-being and P.E.
To ensure ALL pupils have the learning behaviours to enable them to read fluently by age 7, with the lower performing pupils improving towards that of other pupils (including a focus on direct and explicit vocabulary instruction)  Lack of access to appropriate reading materials for some pupils during lock-down (lowest 20%)Digital devices loaned to pupils where needed. Teachers and TAs were reading to children as part of our blended and remote learning. Reading eggs/eggspress was a daily requirement.
Recruit, Employ and induct Catch-Up MentorEnsuring quality time is dedicated to catch-up mentor’s professional development with one to one feedback. Catch-up mentor to attend whole staff CPD sessions.A bespoke CPD programme is delivered to ensure mentor is skilled (subject knowledge and pedagogy) and confident to deliver teaching to vulnerable children in maths, reading, phonics and writing.
Targeted support in Year 6Ensuring catch-up mentor is impacting on improved outcomes for all Year 6 children, including those needing to isolate and learn remotely.Phase Leader to monitor impact and provision. Make amendments where necessary to ensure the targeted support has impact.