Ethos and Values

Our School Aims

  • Promote the awareness that each child is unique celebrating our similarities and differences. We are an inclusive school and work hard to ensure our pupils feel valued and respect others, regardless of background or beliefs. We regularly talk about and explore these issues through our work in RE, SMSC and discussion about British Values.
  • Develop challenging experiences and activities to foster individual self esteem and confidence. A child’s self-esteem affects their friendships with other children, their success in school, their ability to deal with problems and their overall confidence, so we work hard to provide learning experiences which help children to develop resilience and self-belief.
  • Develop in each child a real love of learning. When they are busy having fun, learning becomes natural and easy. Studies have shown that children learn best when the learning comes from a side-effect of a fun activity, and nearly all of our pupils say that they have to work hard but learning is fun.
  • Provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum that shows progress and continuity from EYFS to the end of Key Stage Two so that each child meets their full learning potential. We are proud of our innovative curriculum, and we are passionate about making learning enjoyable and relevant.

At Hill West Primary School we are dedicated to the whole child and as such we:

  • Develop and foster strong home-school relationships. We believe that developing excellent relationships between home and school as early as possible is vital to ensure each child reaches their full potential. We respond to parents quickly and make time for informal catch ups about your child’s needs and progress as well as scheduled Parent Consultations each term.
  • Develop stimulating and inclusive learning environments. Our teachers know their learners; they provide learning environments where it is safe to speak out, yet challenging enough to encourage new ways to look at, think about, and use skills.

We work hard to enable all our pupils to become responsible citizens so they can make a positive contribution to society. We do this through explicitly promoting a set of core values which we share and celebrate…