Vision and Purpose

During Covid-19, the digital divide became evermore present. Across the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership (ATLP) and around the country, there were clear inequalities between the access children had to digital devices, and ultimately the impact it had on their progress.  

At the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership, children lie at the heart of everything we do; but what does this mean? It is a question we should constantly ask ourselves; ensuring that our beliefs are backed up with actions, and not just words. 

We are committed to guaranteeing every pupil receives the same opportunities, addressing inequality both inside and outside of the classroom.  

That’s why we launched Learning Futures. The ATLP’s equitable 1-2-1 device programme; providing over 11,000 iPads to children and staff to enhance opportunities and outcomes for all.  

Learning Futures forms the third and final part of a wider strategy; the other two elements being the development of an innovative ATLP Curriculum and investment in our pedagogy. Education Technology will be immersed into learning and teaching to enhance current practice and provide children with the skills, values, and knowledge to succeed at life in the future. 

In addition, we know that learning does not only take place in the classroom, but also at home, and that our young people’s families play an important role in supporting their children with their education. Learning Futures will bring the resources of the classroom into our pupils’ homes, providing a tool for parents to be able to see what happens at school, so that they can greater support at home. 

Finally, Learning Futures prepares our young people for their next steps. Our students will be prepared for the rapidly evolving technological landscape. Technology, used as part of students’ everyday learning, will equip our children with the tools required for life in the future. Our alumni will not only be keeping up with a technologically dynamic society, they will be the ones setting the pace. 

Simon Smith (Chief Finance and Operations Officer) 
Richard Anderton (Digital Transformation Lead)

Learning Futures in action

Hear from Richard Anderton (ATLP Digital Transformation Lead) Simon Smith (ATLP CFOO) and Kristal Brookes (Mere Green Primary School Head Teacher) as they discuss the journey Mere Green Primary School has been on and future plans for the ATLP Digital Transformation.

What is Learning Futures? Information for parents

Hear from ATLP Digital Transformation Lead (Richard Anderton) who shares the vision and purpose of Learning Futures. The Arthur Terry Learning Partnership’s equitable 1-2-1 device programme.