Ofsted and Department for Education

Our most recent Ofsted Inspection was in March 2019 and we were extremely pleased with the findings which recognised the real and many strengths of our school.  When our school was inspected in January 2015, the outcome was that we were a ‘good’ school and this meant that in March 2019 we were inspected under a Section 8 inspection framework. The purpose of this kind of inspection is to determine if the school is still ‘good’.   It cannot change any of the previous inspection grading outcomes.  We were delighted that the inspector recognised that there was sufficient evidence of strong practice and improved performance across our school meaning that if we had undergone a Section 5 inspection there was reason to believe that we may have been judged outstanding.  This means that our next inspection will be a Section 5, two day inspection. This next inspection will then have the ability to change our inspection outcome from good to outstanding if the new team also believe this is warranted through sufficient evidence.

There were many key strengths identified and most pleasing were the findings that teaching across school was really strong, excellently paced and challenging for all learners, irrespective of the subject being taught.  Particularly pleasing were the findings that:

  • The school demonstrates a sharp and reliable understanding of what it needs to do next.
  • Leaders’ approach to the curriculum is at the heart of the school’s success.
  • Leaders have used relevant research effectively, for example, to identify the best ways to revisit learning to make sure that pupils remember it in the long term.
  • Leaders have established an excellent reading culture at the school.
  • Leaders have also ensured that lessons fully engage pupils’ interests.
  • Partly as a result of this engagement with the curriculum, pupils’ attitudes to learning are excellent.  From the early years onwards, they listen carefully, and display commendable concentration.
  • The school’s records show teaching across the school is highly effective, and inspection evidence confirmed this.  Teachers consistently introduce pupils to demanding and stimulating ideas.
  • The school is increasingly effective at overcoming disadvantaged pupils’ barriers to learning
  • Pupils’ workbooks and the learning that was observed during the inspection showed that current pupils are making consistently strong profess in a range of subjects, including English and Mathematics
  • The school has a very strong culture of safeguarding.

Teachers ask probing questions to encourage pupils to think more deeply and refine their initial answers.  Learning is expertly paced and the most able pupils are presented with a suitable level of challenge

The next steps for our school were identified as

  •  Ensuring teaching in French and Music improves, so that it matches the consistently high quality of teaching in other subjects.