Sports Funding

Allocation of £19,650

TARGET 1: To further develop the leadership, learning and teaching of Physical Education so that all children make good or better progress and lead healthy lifestyles

Allocation: £15,060

  • To provide existing staff with training to help them teach PE and sport more effectively ensuring high expectations for all pupils.
  • To provide specialist coaching through tailored PE sessions to develop staff subject knowledge in specialist sports.
  • To review and refine our schemes of work for PE to ensure that pupils continue to apply and develop a broad range of skills.
  • To improve the overall fitness, wellbeing and stamina of pupils through the Daily Mile.
  • To create a robust programme for delivering remote PE and Exercise to individual children or whole bubbles who are self-isolating.

TARGET 2: To purchase new resources and replenish existing resources to ensure children have access to high quality equipment for Physical Education Lessons.

Allocation: £5,000

  • The in-school TV channel / resource bank will be used by all staff to enhance the teaching of physical education.
  • Teachers will use the TV channel / resource bank to provide a variety of physical activities in class.
  • Following an audit of current stock, resources will be purchased to enable each year group bubble to fully access a broad range of sports so as to accelerate learning and progress.
  • Our outdoor and adventurous activity challenges will be replenished and utilised more widely by all classes across school.

TARGET 3: To increase participation in competitive sport

Allocation: £1,350

  • To actively participate in the Wilson Stuart Active Society so that children engage with actual and virtual competitions throughout the year.
  • Encourage pupil participation in the Birmingham School games competitions
  • To ensure that all children are given the opportunity to enjoy communication, collaborating and competing with each other (within year groups and across school)
  • To signpost children and families to out-of-school events, activities and clubs
  • To develop a programme of inter-house competitions within school.

TARGET 4: To develop a broad extra-curricular sports programme that contributes to pupils’ physical development, participation and achievement. 

Allocation: £1,020

  • Provide extra-curricular additional catch-up swimming sessions for upper KS2 pupils to ensure that all are able to swim a minimum of 25m competently.
  • To encourage participation in Bikeability Level 1 and 2 for pupils in Year 6.
  • To develop a range of after school sports clubs (post COVID) that increases levels of participation. 

TARGET 5: To ensure children have access to a range of equipment that promotes physical activity throughout the day and across all break / lunchtimes. 

Allocation: £5,000

  •  Ensure a range of equipment is available for break and lunchtimes so that All pupils are physically active and know how to keep themselves healthy.
  • Ensure athletic tracks, rounders pitch, golf course and existing outdoor equipment including basketball hoops, trim trails and football goals are well maintained and fit for purpose.
  • To provide specialist coaching at lunchtimes for tennis in the first instance but an increasing variety of sports (COVID dependent) across the year.


  • All pupils’ in Year 4 and non-swimmers in Year 6 will have swimming lessons during the academic year 2020-2021.  Outcomes in Year 6 for swimming in 2019-2020 can be found in the evaluation for last year.

Sports Funding Evaluation