Parent Council


The Parent Council is made up of a group of parents, representative of each of the year groups in the school.   The regular monthly meetings provide a forum for discussion with the Head Teacher to help influence decisions made about the school, and in so doing make a real contribution to the school.   


The Parent Council works in partnership with the school to:

  • Create a welcoming school which is inclusive for all parents promoting partnership between the school, its pupils and all its parents
  • Ensure the children at Hill West have the best possible experience at school.
  • Develop and engage in activities which support the education and welfare of the pupils
  • Identify and represent the views of parents on matters affecting the education and welfare of the pupils
  • Support the work of the School and the ATLP (Arthur Terry Learning Partnership).


The Hill West Parent Council has a consultative and advisory role.  The following is a non-exhaustive list of matters on which the Parent Council will provide a forum for consultation and advice:

  • Policies, procedures and protocols which affect the day-to-day operation of the school e.g. start and finish times, after-school club provision, uniform, extra-curricular activities
  • Systems of communication between the school and parents on matters concerning the operation of the school.
  • Matters designed to foster greater parental participation and engagement in the education of pupils by all parents, i.e. family learning sessions.

Some topics cannot be addressed by the Parent Council and should be referred directly by individual parents to the class teacher in the first instance or a member of the school leadership team (Assistant Head/Deputy Head/Head Teacher). This includes matters associated with:

  • School policies and procedures relating to general curriculum issues & details
  • Issues relating to individual children or staff
  • Individual complaints or grievances  


The Parent Council will be the forum for gathering, discussing & conveying parental views to the school. It will be involved in identifying priorities for the School Improvement Plan and making recommendations to the Senior Leadership Team and when appropriate the Local Governing Body.

The Parent Council will meet monthly. Meetings will be minuted and made available to all parents and staff.  Meetings will be conducted in a positive spirit, be constructive and solution focused. The impact of its work and Terms of Reference will be reviewed annually by the Parent Council at the end of each academic year, initiated by the Chair.


Membership of the Parent Council is open to all parents and carers who have a child currently at our School.

  • One elected volunteer parent from each year group (as a minimum)
  • One elected volunteer parent to act as Chair
  • One elected volunteer parent to act as Vice Chair
  • One elected volunteer parent to act as Secretary
  • Head Teacher or Deputy Head Teacher
  • Other members of staff will be invited to meetings as appropriate.
  • Any parent is welcome to attend meetings in addition to the named year representatives/core group. (Please advise the Chair in advance via the School Office).


Reception – Mrs Roman

Year 1 – Mrs Shoker

Year 2 – Mrs Fairbanks

Year 3 – Mrs Carroll, Mrs Clements (Secretary)

Year 4 – Mr Binns, Mrs Taylor

Year 5 – Mrs Browne

Year 6 – Mrs Breeze (Chairperson), Mr Ashiq

Before the end of the academic year, the existing Chair will organise members of the Council to elect a new Chair and vice-chair whose function it will be to organise and guide the work of the Council in consultation with the school. The term of office for each member shall be 1 year renewable upon further election.

In addition, current Council members will seek a replacement representative from their year group or seek re-election for a further year. The school will invite volunteer nominations for representatives from the newly started Reception classes and inform the Chair by the end of September.

If a Parent Council member acts in a way that is considered by other members to undermine the objectives of the Parent Council, their membership of the Parent Council shall be terminated if the majority of parent members agree.  Termination of membership would be confirmed in writing to the member by the Chair.


The minimum number of individuals required to constitute a Parent Council is 7 although there is no requirement for a quorum at any meeting.


The Parent Council meets between 2.00pm to 3.10pm. Meeting dates are available on the school website.

The Chair will circulate a proposed agenda for the meeting to the Head Teacher and school office in good time.  This will then be circulated to parents more widely.   


  • Provision of Family Learning sessions
  • Parent questionnaires (e.g. satisfaction, travel, school meals)
  • How homework is issued
  • School Website content
  • Parking and child Safety (provision of an up to date School Travel Plan)
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Introduction of our new uniform and uniform ‘reuse and recycle’ events
  • Home school agreement

Sharing Your Views

You do not need to be a council member to contribute your views. All parents are encouraged to provide feedback to the Class Representative or email the Parent Council directly on Please remember the Parent Council’s purpose is as a consultative and advisory role on general policies, procedures and protocols affecting the whole school.

All parents are invited to attend meetings – you do not need to be a council member. Anyone interested in attending meetings is asked to email the parent council on