Two brothers – full of pride – after completing the annual PTFA 4K fun run in Sutton Park

Hill West PTFA Chair Person Report 2021

As we are all aware our aim is to raise funds for school which in turn helps to support and enhance our children’s learning experience. Our last year has been one like no other bringing challenges we never thought we’d face.  But we did face them and here we are – out the other side, hopefully!!!

Lets start with some special mentions to our dedicated committee members, secretary Clare Whelan and treasurer Rob Cook, our Vice Chair Ian Binns, and our media specialists Natasha Nodding and Louise Smith. School staff, as always, have been a fantastic support network in spite of all the extra challenges they have faced.

In the absence of our usual events last year, and with the constraints of not being able to hold any in person events it would’ve been easy to step back and take a year off – but not us!! We have explored the realm of virtual events and given the circumstances we haven’t done too bad at all!  We saw our best ever year in raffle ticket sales at Christmas and the generosity of parents donating items for prizes was quite humbling – although I found the live draw a bit daunting. We also held an online virtual balloon race which received some excellent feedback and will most likely be held again, and we finished off the year with the Junior bake off which was enjoyed by many and produced some wonderful culinary delights.

The teams creative juices carried on flowing throughout our zoom meetings and other new ideas have also been executed which are carrying on into this academic year. These include our fantasy football league and calendar project  and we eagerly await the outcome of these new ventures. Keep the suggestions coming folks, no idea is a bad idea and it’s really interesting trying out these new ways of raising funds for our children.

Amidst all the positivity though, I do admit that there is a little sadness in me that I cannot now rave about the fun of the quiz night and the frivolity of the ball. I really missed seeing you all face to face at these events – but, maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel as I’m pleased to say that we  are planning for these events to return this year – so keep washing those hands folks and hopefully I’ll see you on the dance floor!

The steady trickle of funds that has been raised over the last 12 months has been spent by way of our continued commitment to donate money each year for Christmas festivities and year. 6 leavers and also support school in their ongoing mission to provide the best reading resources for our children.  At this point we have not yet covered the amount outstanding on the playground climbing equipment and this will be discussed further later in this meeting. I feel our fundraising goals and are likely to change over the next few years.  We have always raised funds for extra curricular facilities and activities and we would of course like to continue to do that but there is no denying that school budgets are strained and so I look forward to the upcoming discussion around this years fundraising target to see how we can best support our children at this time.

Friday’s Halloween disco was a huge success with lots of people supporting us so hopefully a return to our usual calendar of events will put the PTFA back on people’s radar and encourage some new faces to come in and join our team. All in all, it has been another successful year and I would like to say a very big thank you to everyone who joined in and helped to keep things going. 

Thank you.

Dawn Adamthwaite

Our annual events this year will hopefully include:

  • Halloween Disco
  • Christmas Fayre
  • Adult Quiz Night
  • Adult Black Tie Ball
  • 4K and 10K Fun Run
  • Summer Fayre – July 2020
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