ACE Champions

Ambitious, Curious, Ever-Respectful

Following a rigorous application process our ACE champions are children from across our school who have applied for this prestigious position. As an ACE champion the children work hard to embed or values through all that we do. Representing our school are:

Year 2

To apply and be selected in September 2021

Year 3

Oliver Taylor; Lucy Percival

Year 4

Sophie Dale; Oliver Martin; Matilda Bancroft; Darcy Bourne

Year 5

Sofia Williams; Martha Ebrey, Keira Thakore; Kitty Scrivens; Jasleen Dhillon; Isabel Stant; Ines Fennel; Evelyn Masters; Erica Litvinova; Elsie Ayee; Edward Kavanagh; Alex Turton

Year 6

Ariella Cliff; Austin Jumpage; Connie Bailey; Grace Sandbrook; Harrison Appleby; Isabel Martin; Jemma Horton; Lily-Ann Jukes