Smart school uniform is encouraged and our pupils feel proud and pleased to wear it both in school and on visits.  Most items of uniform can be purchased at local shops including Crested in Sutton Coldfield. In order to make obtaining our uniform as easy as possible we also have an on-line supplier; Mapac. https://www.mapac.com/education/parents/pages/find-my-school

In an attempt to make our school uniform as affordable as possible we have reduced the number of items with a school logo; school jumpers and P.E. hoodies. If you are experiencing any difficulty in sourcing appropriate school uniform, please contact the school office (0121 3085392).

Crested and Mapac sell many of the uniform items required and stock all of the items sold with the unique Hill West logo, like the jumper you can see pictured above. You can order uniform from our on-line supplier at any time and have this delivered to school or to home. However, plain green polo shirts and grey jumpers, cardigans and hoodies (for P.E.) are also acceptable.



  • Grey skirt or grey pinafore or grey trousers or grey shorts (black cycling shorts can be worn underneath skirts if preferred)
  • Bottle green polo shirt available from Mapac and other providers
  • Grey jumper or grey cardigan available from Mapac with school logo and other providers without
  • White or grey socks or tights
  • Plain black school shoes (no boots)


  • Green gingham summer dress

P.E. EXPECTATIONS (children can wear their P.E. kits to school rather than their usual uniform on P.E. assigned days)

  • Bottle green polo shirt available from Mapac and other providers
  • Grey hoodie available from Mapac with school logo and other providers without
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms or leggings or shorts
  • Plain black pumps
  • Plain black or plain white trainers
  • White or grey socks


  • Pupils with long hair must ensure that this does not impede their vision, cover their face or provide a health and safety risk.  For this reason we ask that all hair be tied back.
  • All clothing and footwear should be clearly labelled with the pupil’s name
  • Although we would prefer children to refrain from wearing any jewellery to school, one pair of stud earrings will be permitted.  These will need to be taped over at home on PE days please.


  • Mapac Schoolwear – https://www.mapac.com/
  • Crested School Wearthe Gracechurch centre
  • Sainsbury’s, Asda and other leading supermarkets – sell appropriate shoes, trousers, skirts
  • Asda – sell appropriate Bottle Green polo shirts (online)
  • M & S – sell appropriate shoes, trousers, skirts
  • Next – sell appropriate shoes, trousers, skirts
  • New Look – sell appropriate shoes, trousers, skirts
  • Clarks – sell appropriate shoes and trainers


As a school we are working hard to reduce, reuse and re-cycle and extend this to our school uniform. If you have unwanted items of uniform that your child has grown out of we would ask that you bring this into school to donate to other families. This uniform will be available to others at the end of each term, without charge, in order to reduce our carbon footprint.